Dedicated to improving the clinical value of services provided to Northern Arizona patients by improving quality and decreasing costs

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PathfinderHealth is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) developed through collaboration among local healthcare providers with the support of Northern Arizona Healthcare. PathfinderHealth is organized, directed and managed by physicians with the goal of improving the clinical value of services provided to our patients. This is accomplished by member selection of evidence-based clinical initiatives that will improve the quality of care and decrease costs. Adherence to these initiatives is monitored and documented by the metrics that accurately reflect provider performance. Over time, additional initiatives will be selected with corresponding enhancement of clinical value.

PathfinderHealth is organized and operated in a manner that ensures improvements in quality of care and reductions in healthcare costs for our patients. PathfinderHealth’s activities is fully compliant with all applicable laws, including federal and state antitrust laws. In addition to developing initiatives directed at improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs, PathfinderHealth intends to manage certain operational activities of its participating members, including the negotiation of contracts with third-party payers.

PathfinderHealth’s vision is to create a regional, clinically integrated care delivery system that empowers providers to enhance health while improving quality (clinical outcomes and service excellence) and lowering costs.

In support of the vision, PathfinderHealth’s guiding principles help provide direction on certain ACO components and include the following:

  • Enhance patient- and family-centered care.
  • Facilitate clinical and financial alignment to ensure a sustainable delivery system.
  • Be physician driven, with an emphasis on primary care and strengthening the provider community.
  • Align like-minded providers and facilities with a shared vision.
  • Partner with patients to enhance care through all stages of life.
  • Use best practices and information technology to improve care.
  • Provide timely access to appropriate care.
  • Reward quality care.


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