Dedicated to improving the clinical value of services provided to Northern Arizona patients by improving quality and decreasing costs

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Membership in PathfinderHealth is completely voluntary. Providers will need to meet eligibility requirements as set forth in the Operating Agreement and choose whether they will participate in the program by signing a Participation Agreement. Practices that already have a single signature authority set up may have one person sign for all their Providers. If a practice would like to take advantage of the single signature option they must provide a copy of their resolution showing that the signature authority listed is an approved signatory for that group.

Participating Providers will be required to collaborate with their member colleagues in the development and adoption of the clinical initiatives that will enhance the quality, service, and cost-effectiveness of patient care. Providers will need to hold themselves and each other accountable for compliance with the initiatives of PathfinderHealth, including its disciplinary and remediation efforts should Providers not meet the benchmarks set by the Performance Metrics Committee. Currently, Performance data will be gathered through Claims data, Cerner Ambulatory Clinical Data, and manual data entered through Cerner Health Registries.

PathfinderHealth continues to focus on serving its current members while anticipating future growth. If you are interested in joining this progressive organization please contact the PathfinderHealth Board of Managers Chair or the Manager PathfinderHealth, Chris Nez at:

Chris Nez, MHA
1200 N Beaver Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Office: (928) 214-2746
Cell: (928) 814-6197


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1200 N Beaver Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001